SanDaanBlogging from Canada...

Blogging from Canada...

Christmas and shopping…

Because we are still at the point of decorating our condo our weekends mostly exists of shopping. Plus Christmas is coming, so now it also includes Christmas shopping. The already started to install the Christmas lights on our building and the streets, so our condo needs to be christmassy to.

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On Wednesday we went to Absolute Comedy together with Martin and Sabrina. It was Pro-Am night, so there was stand-up comedy from both professionals as amateurs and it was really fun, some comedians more than others but it was a great night. We also ordered a so-called “Stein” which its 1 liter of beer and you can keep the “Stein” where the beer is in. And it is just so cool that tis was only a five-minute walk from our condo.

On Thursday I went together with Martin to the Canadian Tire Christmas Showroom which is not far from our place to look at all the Christmas stuff. You did not hear me say that our Christmas tree is not beautiful, but as we are in Canada now we to “canadianize” it. And this showroom is just the place to do that. So much Christmas stuff in all different colors. I could not decide what to buy so I will go back here together with Sander to buy some more stuff.

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On Friday I decided I wanted to try and bake some chewy chocolate chip cookies. But when you wanna do that, you need chocolate chip and I did not have those. So after I went for a run in the morning I decided to walk to my favourite shop in Canada so far, which is the Bulk Barn. They sell everything you need to bake, so you can call it baking heaven. I used a recipe from and it was really fun baking them and according to Sander they tasted good to. So I think I am going to bake some more of these cookies in the future. As Sander arrived home after work he picked me up at our condo and we drove tighter to the Canadian Tire Christmas Showroom and we bought stuff to “canadianize” our tree. As most of you know our tree is now filled with white and glass ornaments, we now decided to add the color red to the tree, so we bought “some” new stuff int his great store.

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finally it was weekend and we continued the Christmas Shopping and we drove to the Yorkdale Mall to buy some more ornaments at Pottery Barn and Crate & Barrel. We also we going to create something at the wall which leads to our bedroom and therefore we needed some shelves and picture frames. On Saturday evening we made it a lazy evening with movies and relaxing on our sofa.

On Sunday we went shopping again, but I already told Sander this week that I wanted to go somewhere we were not before and maybe also not only furniture shopping, so Sander found a shopping mall a bit further away in Burlington, the Mapleview Mall. The only condition was that I would drive there. So we left our condo and I drove to Burlington, which is like 45-50 minutes. We got something to eat there and did some relax-shopping at Victoria’s Secret, Roots and some other shops. After a couple of hours we drove back to Toronto and also stopped at Staples, the Beer Store and  Bulk Barn. Also this evening we could make our “Wall of Memories” ready because we found a place nearby to print the photos we wanted in the frames.

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A new week had begun on Monday and this was the day our dining chairs we ordered a Crate & Barrel arrived. So finally we have some decent chairs to sit on at our dining table and when we have guests over at our place they do not have to bring their own chairs. While I was waiting for the chairs being delivered I had the idea to bake so-called “kruidnoten”. In the Netherlands now is the time Sinterklaas and with go the kruidnoten. I found a recipe online and they were not that bad, but I don’t think I am going to bake them again. I liked the chocolate chip cookies more…

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Tuesday, my last day off ;-) Tomorrow I will start an English course across the street at Hansa Language Centre. So today I enjoyed the last day of really good weather (16 degrees and a lot of sun) by going for a run and in the afternoon I baked pizza. I needed to go in bed on time, because school starts at 09:00 am. I am joining the English Intensive Program, 4 hours a day for 16 weeks following grammar, reading, speaking and vocabulary classes. ope it is going to improve my English skills.

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Time to sit down…

My first blog post since I started working! After my business trip to Germany I didn’t really had a jet lag, I only woke up a bit earlier as usual the first days but that was it.

On Wednesday I brought the first cupcakes to the office and going with the comments and the time they were all gone I think my colleagues liked them. On Wednesday another piece of furniture arrived, the Rochelle apartment sofa! And the sofa is perfect for our condo both size- and color-wise. After the sofa arrived Danielle went to Eaton Center for shopping and ended up at the Bulk Barn which is a something like a supermarket for baking products. And off course new stuff needs to be used as soon as possible so I brought the delicious orange cupcakes with lime frosting to the office on Thursday.

Thursday evening Danielle and I wanted to look for floor lamp to create some more light in the living room, so we made a shopping date in Yorkdale to look at a lamp I found online at the Crate & Barrel website. We expected a delivery time of multiple weeks or that the lamp wasn’t as beautiful in real as online but the opposite was true, we ordered the lamp and took it with us right away. Also we ordered 4 side chairs which will be delivered not he 10th of November. Furthermore we asked John for some ideas for a Rug, Curtains and an Ottoman. And I can tell you the ideas we got are really cool but we first ordered some swatch to check or the colours fit to our condo’s interior. The same evening I setup the floor lamp as Danielle prepared some Halloween cookies for in the office…

On Halloween I went to work dressed up as a Bavarian and I worked the whole day in Lederhosen. Defiantly not the best contestant in the Halloween contest but at least I can say that I participated. In the evening I drove back from the office together with Martin and although it was raining there were some families Trick-or-treating on the streets. We had something else planned, Martin and Sabrina came to our place for Nasi Goreng with peanut butter sauce. And Danielle did a great job, the most delicious peanut butter sauce I’ve ever eaten in my life…

The weekend we spent mainly on shopping at furniture stores where we ordered a nice glass desk for our guest suite / home office bought a nested ottoman for the hallway to have place to sit when we take off our shoes. On the way back home we went to Lowes and bought some simple hooks to hang the painting of New York and the cupcake sign on the wall. Here I found out that these hooks are available in a version where you do not need any tools. You just push the hook in the drywall and you’re done even I could do that. And not to forget we bought 800 christmas lights for our christmas tree…





Since the mounting of the hooks was so easy I started looking into a wall clock, we found something online at the Urban Barn but when we saw it in the store it was to large and not as nice. We decided to give up on that and search again on the internet when we were back home until we found the perfect clock at the Pottery Barn in the Yorkdale mall. Too bad we missed the promotion from yesterday which said 20% discount on one single item today only, until I found a sign which they forgot to remove from the store! Only minutes later we walked out of the store with a new clock.

But hey, I wrote something about Christmas lights! Yes since Halloween is over I felt like christmas and I decided to set up our christmas tree which we took with us. And so it happened that I was setting up the tree while we listened to a christmas playlist on Spotify everything seemed to be perfect until..I ran out of christmas lights! Lucky for me the Lowes is open on Sundays till 8pm which left me with 2 hours, I also decided to order a Belkin Wemo Insight Switch to remote control the christmas tree lights at the Futureshop 2 blocks up north from us. After I got 300 additional lights and the switch we finished our tree at around 9pm, although finished? I think we might bring some color in the tree this year since there are so many beautiful ornaments at the Pottery Barn and Crate & Barrel.

Unfortunately our brand new clock was broken and so I went back to the store today to get a new clock. This was no problem at all and ever since I put the battery in the clock it’s ticking fine.

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Finally our car…

Friday I started the day we another run through Mount Pleasant Cemetery. Although the sun was shining with 5 degrees Celsius it was pretty cold outside. In the afternoon I did some household things like cleaning the kitchen cabinets so the look prettier and some rearranging in our condo.

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Around 4:15 pm I took the subway from Eglinton Station to St. Patrick Station to pick up Sabrina from her work. We decided to grab something to eat in downtown Toronto. Because the weather was still nice we first walked around and this was for me the first time to come so close to the CN Tower. Just for your information this is what Wikipedia says:

“The CN Tower is a 553.33 m-high (1,815.4 ft) concrete communications and observation tower in Dowtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Built on the former Railway Lands, it was completed in 1976, becoming the world’s tallest free-standing structure and world’s tallest tower at the time. It held both records for 34 years until the completion of Burj Khalifa and Canton Tower in 2010. It remains the tallest free-standing structure in the Western Hemisphere, a signature icon of Toronto’s skyline, and a symbol of Canada, attracting more than two million international visitors annually.”

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We walked around in this area and as we walked around looking at the beautiful Lake Ontario (one of the five Great Lakes of North America) we ended up for dinner at Amsterdam’s Brewhouse, which is a lakeside brewery with lots of different beers. We got a nice table on the first floor and both ordered a delicious burger and of course beer! Tis restaurant is really good and I definitely need to come back to this place with Sander.

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After dinner we walked back to the subway station and decided to walk a little bit through downtown. Toronto by night is very beautiful but with an iPhone difficult to make good pictures, but we will definitely come back here with our camera to take pictures of Toronto by night. We walked through the entertainment district with its theaters and lots of bars and restaurants. From Osgoode Stations we took the subway bank to Eglinton Stations where both of our condos are.

On Saturday Sander was arriving from Germany. His plane landed at 12:30 pm at Toronto Pearson International Airport and 1,5 hours later he was home. Quickly he took a shower and not much later Sabrina took us to the Dealership in Richmond Hill to pick up our car. there everything took longer as expected, but to make a long story short. We drove away with off course our Chevrolet Equinox and an extra $100 dollar gift card for gas.

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On our way to the Dealership we saw that not far from here there was an All Star Wings & Ribs restaurant, so we decided to get dinner there together and again it was delicious. We ordered 50 Wings with 3 different flavours: Pandora’s Box, Creole BBQ and Caesar Does Texas and in the meanwhile we watched an ice hockey game on the TV in our booth.

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After dinner we drove home and drank something at our condo, after which it was time to go to bed and after being awake for so lang Sander was really tired.

On Sunday we decided to make it more of a lazy Sunday, which afterwards was not that lazy after all. Last week I received a phone call from Crate & Barrel that our X-Base Bench-Vanity Stool had arrived at the Yorkdale locations and that we could come and pick it up. So at around 11:00 am we arrived at the Yorkdale Mall, we walked a bit around and picked up our Stool there. Next we decided to do some more furniture shopping and we went to Structube, because I saw some nice dining tables on their website which were also extendable. But as we saw them in the store, they were not that great so we drove further to the Blue Box in North York. It was extremely busy there and we walked through the store only watching the stuff we were really looking for, grabbed everything from the warehouse, went through the express checkout and left this crazy place as soon as possible with a Kallax shelving unit and a Bjursta dining table. Both in a black-brown color. The rest of the day we spent at our condo, Sander building the furniture together and I did some other stuff in our condo. In the evening we went out for dinner to Spring Rolls, a sushi restaurant only one block away from our place.

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