SanDaanBlogging from Canada...

Blogging from Canada...

Canada Thanksgiving and cars…

Last weekend we had a longer weekend because on Monday it was Canada Thanksgiving . After Sander registered us with Netflix the day before we spent most of the day relaxing and watching films and TV series on Netflix. We started to watch the first season of Homeland, which is a really great series.

In the evening we were invited at Martin and Sabrina’s place for Thanksgiving dinner and as we arrived at their condo it was smelling delicious and a little later we were enjoying a great Thanksgiving dinner with off course a Thanksgiving turkey.

Photo 060

On Tuesday I went for my first run here and it was not that easy after 2 months of no training and it was also more an exploring-run because it is off course a whole new area an I am going to search for the best roads to run. I planned to go to the Mount Pleasant Cemetery because that is where a lot of people go for running and biking. But only getting here is 2 kilometers and there you have 19 kilometer of drives along rolling hills and ponds. Because it was my first run since a long time I just ran 2,25 km and after that I walked around and back to our condo.

Photo 061
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Photo 066

This week Sander and I started on car-shopping, because we are still driving a rental car. On Tuesday evening Sander picked me up at the Yorkdale Mall and from the we visited a Ford dealership in Yorkdale because Sander really liked the Ford Edge. But we were not impressed of the saleswomen here and they also did not have a really good deal. So we got some information and left. We decided to visit some more dealerships this week, maybe also from some other brands. To be continued…

Last weekend we ordered a Kitchenaid standing mixer. Since last year I really enjoy backing (cakes and cupcakes) and I am planning on learning more about backing and cooking as long as we are here, so a machine like this really comes in handy. And on Tuesday it finally arrived and on Wednesday I was going to look for some more equipment (because all my kitchen equipment is still on its way to Canada in the container) and the ingredients to bake my first pie here in Toronto and I decided it was going to be a Pumpkin Pie, a pie typically for this time of the year. So I got everything I needed and I started and 1,5 hour later my first “made in Canada” pie was ready. And although I do not like pumpkin pie, it tasted good and Sander thought it tasted good to and he loves pumpkin pie. And also, the most important thing, my Kitchenaid works great and the oven in our condo also. So I can’t wait for our container to arrive with all my kitchen stuff.

Photo 062
Photo 068
Photo 063
Photo 064

On Thursday it was going to be another day of car-shopping and today we were going to visit a Chevrolet dealership in Richmond Hill because we were interested in the Chevrolet Equinox and/or the GMC Terrain. A very nice salesman gave us really good advice and showed us both cars. We saw an interesting used car on the website of this dealership, but unfortunately did not arrive at the dealership yet so we needed to come back for this car to look at it. We also visited another dealership in this area to see the Ford Edge and the Ford Escape for us, with it was just not working for us.

Today we went back to the Chevrolet dealership to look at the car, a Chevrolet Equinox 2014, grey colored and we also made a test drive. After some negotiating (most of you now that Sander really likes negotiating) we got ourselves a really good deal on this car and we planned to pick it up next Saturday. In the meantime we have to organise some important thing before we actually can pick up the car next week. First we went to our bank to get a bank draft for the amount we’re buying the car for and after that Sander called with the insurance company to get an insurance for our car, which was not as easy as it looked like, but it all turned out OK after calling again to this company and speaking with somebody who actually had a clue what she was talking about. Not much later we received the confirmation of the insurance per email and we’re good to go and nothing stands in our way of picking up our car next week.

Photo 067

Today is also the Sander is traveling to Germany on business. His flight is this evening, which means I have the condo, including the remote control of the TV, all for myself…

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Moving into our condo and our first days there…

It has already been a couple of day since my last blog post, but a lot has happened since than.

On Wednesday I needed to be at our condo pretty early, because our bed was going to be delivered that day. We ordered everything (mattress, box spring and a metal frame) soon after we got the confirmation that the condo was ours. The delivery was going to take place somewhere between 09:30 am and 12:30 pm. I booked the service elevator for this time and after I drove with the subway from Yorkdale to Eglinton Station I was in the condo waiting for the people from The Brick to come.

Sunday 044

I was waiting and waiting and at 12:15 pm still nobody was there or had even called me, so I decided to call them and ask because I was not sure the service elevator was going to be available after 12:30 pm. As I was expecting they were a little behind schedule and the woman at the other end of the line recommended to extend the booking on the service elevator with another hour. And shortly after I did I a received a phone call that they were one minute away from our building. I took the elevator down and told Iris at the concierge desk that the people from The Brick were almost there. She looked on her security camera and the truck was already at the loading dock. She opened the service elevator for them and a couple of minutes later the were installing the bed in our condo. About 30 minutes later everything was done and we had a bed in our condo. Me was very happy!!! Because my ironing-board is on the container I was not able to iron the bedding very well.

Sunday 045

I took some pictures and sent them to Sander and quickly I was putting al the bedding ont he bed and our condo looked a little more like a home and Sander and I decided that we were going to leave the hotel today and sleep in our very own bed in our condo.

In the late afternoon I took the subway back to Yorkdale where I met Sander at the Yorkdale mall. We bought some last things at Home Outfitters and went to the hotel to pick up the last stuff from our hotel room. While Sander was checking out I packed the last things and after a short time we were ready to leave the hotel to go to our condo.

As we arrived at our condo it was already dark outside and before we went to sleep we were enjoying the beautiful view from our bedroom. Goodnight Toronto…

Sunday 046

On friday morning Sander needed, off course, to go to work. He was driving together with his colleague, our neighbor from the South Tower. For me this was a day from mostly organizing our stuff in the condo, do laundry and some improvisation on ironing. In the afternoon I walked around on Yonge Street. The sun was shining but there was a really cold wind.

Sunday 047

I the evening we went together with Martin, Sabrina and their visitors from Germany Lea and Anna to the Royal Ontario Museum for Friday Night Live (#FNLROM). On such an evening there is music and drinks at the museum floors. We saw the dinosaurs and danced on the dance floor. This event ended at 0:00 am and we took the subway back to our condo. Lea and Anna were going back to the condo and we went together with Martin and Sabrina to The Unicorn Pub where we had a bear and some finger food. We were back at the condo at 2:00 am. It was a really nice evening in Toronto.

Sunday 048

Sunday 049

Sunday 050

Sunday 051

On saturday we slept a little longer because the evening was going to be a long evening. We had tickets to go to Canada’s Wonderland Halloween Haunt including an all-you-can-eat-buffet at the park. But before we went to the park Sander and I did some research on furniture for our bedroom. Off course the bed was the most important thing but we also need a dresser and two night stands. We drove to the so-called blue box (IKEA) and saw a lot of different bedroom dressers and night stands. We bought one nightstand so we could see if it fits between our bed and the windows because we do not have a lot of room there.

Sunday 052
Sunday 053

From our little shopping trip we drove directly to Canada’s Wonderland, we had a reservation for the 5:30 pm buffet and after a short wait we were able to enter the park. Martin, Sabrina, Lea and Anna were already in the park and reserved a table for 6 at the restaurant. The buffet was OK and after everybody got his/her winter jacket from the car it was time for the Halloween Haunt.

Sunday 054

During the Halloween Haunt Canada’s Wonderland is transformed in a somewhat creepy place. A lot of cast members are dressed like scary characters and there are a 10 mazes and an All New Zombies 4D Interactive Dark Ride.

We started with the first maze which was called “The Asylum”. The theme of this maze was a combination of prison and hospital with off course a lot of creepy characters. Soon we arrived at the next 2 mazes called “Blood Shed” with victims of the Headless Horseman and “Club Blood” the hottest nightclub where vampires staff the bar.

After those mazes it was time to do something more “relaxing” so we went for a ride in the Leviathan a 93 meter high roller coaster with a maximum speed of 148 km/h. I already mentioned we all were wearing winter jackets so you can believe that riding this coaster was pretty cold too.

Sunday 055

After this amazing coaster we went to the next maze called Sci-Fi House, where you visit the Wilson family in their house where at night aliens take over. Till then this was the best maze. We directly found the next maze, called Clowns at Midnight where a big top fire doomed the circus performers to a slow and agonizing death.

For the next maze, Louisiana Scream, we waited about 20 minutes, but it was worth it. Here, deep inside Wonder Mountain, live residents of a Louisiana Bayou. It is a mysterious, twisted world where curses are whispered in the dark and no one ever makes it back to shore… Sounds creepy, right?

Next thing on our program was riding the Thunder Run, it is a coaster and that is practically all you can say about this ride. I was not very impressed about this ride. Next on the to-do-list was the All New! Zombies 4D Interactive Dark Ride. The wait for this ride was more than one hour, so it must be good. It is a ride you can compare with Toy Story Mania where you have to shoot Zombies. The theme of this ride is the movie World War Z. But I have to say, the 3D is not really that good as in Toy Story Mania. Because of the wait for this attraction everyone was getting a little cold, but there were still 2 mazes we wanted to do before we left the park.

One was called Terror of London, a Jack the Ripper themed maze where we were meeting with the residents of Whitechapel District. This maze was huge and therefore more difficult to see where a the character were. Last but not least we visited The Streets of the Undead, also based on the movie World War Z, and this maze was full with zombies. I think this was the best maze of the evening. Really great work of the cast members there.

To close the evening we planned to ride the other big coaster in the park, called the Behemoth. But this coaster was closed due to technical problems. To bad, because it is a great coaster with a lot of airtime. Before going to the car Sander, Martin and Sabrina went on the Psyclone while I waited with Lea and Anna and watched the people still getting scared by the characters. Slowly we walked to the exit and at about 0:00 am we were at our condo, all really tired.

Sunday 056

On Sunday we went back to do some more condo-shopping and we were ending up at IKEA to buy another nightstand and the dresser we saw the day before. We also had lunch at a place called Spoon & Fork where we enjoyed all-you-can-eat sushi (and off course also some warm food).

Sunday 057

Sunday 058

In the afternoon Sander was busy building our nightstand and dresser together and finally installing our 2nd TV for our bedroom we bought at Walmart, together with some other groceries.

Sunday 059

Tonight we are going to have a relaxed evening and tomorrow we are invited to Martin and Sabrina’s place to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving, which is a national holiday so no working tomorrow.



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Getting our condo ready…

Here’s another blog post from Canada! After I told you that we started cleaning our condo since saturday no really big things happened here.

Yesterday, Tuesday, Sander had a day of home office because a technician from Rogers (our Cable TV, Internet and Wireless provider)  was coming to our condo to install the Cable TV and the internet connection. The appointment was planned somewhere between 12 am and 2 pm. Sander and I arrived at our condo around 9:30 am and while Sander was working I was cleaning the condo and doing the laundry. Did I already told you how happy I am that I have a washing machine and dryer again? I am so happy to do the laundry whenever I want to do it.

Sunday 037

Sunday 041

We did not have breakfast yet, so I went down to “our” Starbucks (it is in our building) to get a Pumpkin Spiced Latte for Sander and for me a Salted Caramel Mocha and off course something to eat as well.

Sunday 036

Time went by and soon the technician from Rogers arrived and one hour or so later we were online and able to watch television. To celebrate that we were online we did various FaceTime calls with the family to give them all the grand tour in our condo and off course show them our view!

Sunday 038

Today also our DVD/Blu-Ray player arrived. We ordered it online and in the afternoon we received an e-mail from the concierge that the package had been delivered and that we could pick it up downstairs. It is a player that can both play DVD’s/Blu-Ray’s from Europe and North America. We needed something like that because of our somewhat big DVD/Blu-Ray collection. Sander installed it and it works perfect.

In the evening we had a delicious dinner at The Keg, which is a steakhouse (also in our building). Sander order steak and shrimp and I ordered the salmon. We also shortly met with our neighbours (Martin and Sabrina) from the other building on Parking Deck 4 to exchange Suzy. They would pick her up later at our condo.

Sunday 040

On Wednesday I completed the cleaning-process in our condo and everything is now ready to move in. I also received a new iron and a water boiler which we both ordered online.

Sunday 042

Sunday 043
Tomorrow our bed will be delivered in the morning. I hope everything is going to be OK, because this is the first time I needed to book the service elevator so that they can bring up the mattresses up. You will find out if everything went well as soon as I write a new blog post :-)

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